What are the harms of unconscious use of antibiotics? What are the effects of antibiotics on coronavirus?

gave | Wednesday, March 17, 2021 – 12:41 | Last Updated: 17 03 2021 – 12:42

Erciyes University (ERÜ) Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pharmacology, Good Clinical Practice Center Successor Dr. Ahmet İnal said that the unconscious use of antibiotics can kill beneficial bacteria as well as harmful bacteria in the intestines. Inal said, “If you encounter coronavirus during this period or if you are a coronavirus patient, if you have used antibiotics unconsciously, it may be possible to spend the disease more severely because your defense system is weak.”

Dr. Ahmet İnal reported that 8 million bacteria live in the intestines, most of which are beneficial probiotic bacteria.

Indicating that unsuitable antibiotics kill beneficial bacteria as well as harmful bacteria in the intestines, İnal said, “When we look at the beneficial bacteria, they have many benefits, starting from the help of our body’s defense system to fat absorption. It plays a very important role in the support system of the body. If these die, our immune system weakens. “If you encounter with coronavirus or if you have used antibiotics unconsciously, it may be possible to have a more severe disease because your defense system is weak. Therefore, we need to protect probiotics as much as possible.”


Stating that they recommend the use of probiotics in the treatments, İnal said, “While we are so advanced in the use of probiotics, we may face negative consequences in the treatments if we get up and kill the beneficial bacteria. In addition to protecting probiotics, you should use narrow spectrum antibiotics if there is an infection. They need to be treated with narrow spectrum antibiotics. If we do not do this, the weakening of the immune system occurs in addition to the inactivation of antibiotics over time, “he said.


Stating that probiotics should be taken into consideration, İnal said, “Killing probiotics does not only weaken the defense system. There are many diseases of unknown cause. Probiotics can play an active role in the causes of these patients. Some publications have publications stating that MS disease is related to it. Therefore, these probiotics must be protected. If there was a wide-spectrum wrong use of antibiotics and the patient used it, the coronavirus might be overcome slightly, but it will overcome it slowly.

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