What fish to eat in February? February fish species and month by month fish eating guide!

Fish is a healthy, high-protein food, especially important for omega-3 fatty acids, essential fats that our bodies do not produce on their own. Omega-3 fatty acids play an important role in brain and heart health. Omega 3 is known to reduce inflammation and the risk of heart disease. Consuming a variety of fish several times a week provides many of the nutrients needed for a balanced diet. It is also important to consume fish in season. It is important to consume seasonal fish in terms of oiling the fish. Many people say “Which fish to eat in February?” investigating the question. Here is February fish and the month-by-month fish eating guide …


It is the beginning of the turbot season. Anchovy ends this month. The mussel season begins. The flavor of mackerel, bluefish and bonito goes down.


JANUARY: The most delicious fish of this month are mackerel, bluefish, bonito and horse mackerel. Small red mullet, mullet, mullet and swallow are the most abundant fish in January.

FEBRUARY: It is the beginning of the turbot season. Red mullet, silver, anchovy, butts, turbot, myrtle, toric, mullet, sea bass are delicious in February.

MART: Silver, butts, whiting, turbot, goby, haddock, mullet, sea bass, catfish are among the delicious and abundant fish of March.

ENGAGEMENT: Silver, butts, turbot, myrtle, red mullet, sea bass, mullet, goby are delicious. Turbot, sea bass and coral are the most caught fish in April.

MAY: Silver, butts, coral, myrtle, haddock, sea bass and goby are the most delicious fish. May is a very rich month in terms of sea creatures and fish. Red mullet, lobster, sea bass, mullet, sole, crab, swordfish, swallow, shrimp, and scorpion can be enjoyed in May.

JUNE: Coral, leerfish, goby, myrtle, tuna, grouper, sardine are among the fish that can be consumed this month.

JULY: Sardines, bluefish, sarcophagus, leerfish, tuna, goby, broth, and cinarit are the most delicious fish of this month. Horse mackerel is very delicious.

AUGUST: Small bluefish, yellow fish, cynarite, goby, tuna, yellow bird are delicious. Horse mackerel is again the most delicious fish.

SEPTEMBER: Swordfish and sardines are still delicious. Bluefish, mackerel, butts, red mullet, blue fish, sea bream, mackerel, swordfish and swallow are also hunted in September.

OCTOBER: It is one of the liveliest months of the fish season. Red mullet, sea bream, swordfish, sea bass, bluefish, mullet, sardine, bonito, grouper, and shaca are delicious. It is the most delicious time of bonito.

KASIM: Bluefish, bonito, grouper, yellow goat, red mullet, toric, mackerel, mullet, carp, broadcast are delicious. November and December are the most delicious times for bluefish. November is the most intense time of the toric flow.

DECEMBER: Mackerel, bluefish, bonito and bonito are delicious. Red mullet is hunted in abundance and this is the time when anchovy is also fully delicious.

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