What is PEO? What is ergotherapy? What should be done to preserve physical form? What should be done for a healthy life?

Nowadays, when we are struggling with coronavirus, the epidemic reminded many people the most important thing: Health. Emphasizing the importance of correct and effective physical activity for a healthy life, the importance of which is more understood during the pandemic process, experts draw attention to the “performance for person” analysis called the PEO model in this process. In the model, the individual’s personal characteristics and performance are defined and the exercise is aimed to be effective. Brain Hospital Specialist Occupational Therapist Muammer Aydoğdu shared his views on the occupational therapy and PEO model, which are important for healthy life.


Stating that we understand better why human health is important in this period we live in, Muammer Aydoğdu stated that we learned that our health is more important than money, seeking comfort and many other things in life. Noting that we saw that we could give up many things in this period, Aydoğdu said, “If necessary, we even took the risk of limiting our freedom. Even if we got bored, we continued to do so. We realized the seriousness of the situation by taking the risk of experiencing mental problems, making a plus or minus evaluation. We already knew, we can say we did not learn, but eventually we were reminded again, we can say. Billions of people started to think the same thing: Our health, ”he said.


Reminding that life is a journey promised to us, Aydoğdu said, “It is up to us to advance this journey in a more spacious way. The most important of these is to lead a healthy life. When it comes to healthy life, we can list it as doing sports, paying attention to nutrition, and avoiding harmful habits. While defining health, a person’s physical, social and psychological well-being is mentioned ”.


Muammer Aydoğdu stated that people need eyes from outside in order to be aware of their own values, and said that it is not easy to distinguish between me inside and outside me. Expressing that it is difficult to calculate the actual performance of the person, Muammer Aydoğdu continued as follows:

“For example, sports activity, which is placed in a mold such as going to sports three days a week, is interrupted after a certain period of time and the activity is avoided. It takes a long time to resume this activity later. For this, performance analysis (PEO model), framework and work to be done are analyzed in detail. In this model used in ergotherapy, the individual’s personal characteristics and performance are defined and environmental factors are evaluated and the amount, duration or difficulty of the work to be done is organized with the organization of the right time and conditions. Since the personal organization of the individual is included in this process, it is supported by the psychological readiness of the individual or the organization of the situation that can provide the psychological well-being of the organization. For example, a joint sport activity with a friend is better than a single sport. Social relations established in the field of sports make you more willing to do this activity. With arrangements like these, meaningful and purposeful activities can be created. “


Saying that meaningful and purposeful activities help us to maintain our physical, social and psychological well-being, Aydoğdu stated that these are the main concepts mentioned in the definition of health.

Expressing that activities should be done in order to maintain the physical form of the person, Muammer Aydoğdu made the following suggestions: “It is better to do it regularly. The development of the muscles adapts to the development at the beginning of the activities. Later, as you move away from the activity, contractions occur in the muscles. You can think of it like a tire. Less but repetitive activities are important to protect this structure. That is why walking standards have been established for health, and an average of 10 thousand steps per day is recommended. This number is difficult to reach. Considering the life potential of people, it is more appropriate to calculate the energy spent (BAT). The fact that the teaman takes more steps in the daily step count of the fitness instructor working in the fitness room and the teaman working in that building does not indicate that it is a healthy structure. Therefore, it is important to have a balanced program. It should be less, but always be repeated. ”

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