What is podology? Which patients does the podology department look for? How is foot care done? What you need to know about foot care

Wednesday, April 07, 2021 – 16:04 | Last Updated: 07 04 2021 – 16:06

Studies show that 8 out of 10 people have a foot problem. All problems, from toenail to chronic foot pain, potentially affect a person’s overall quality of life and health, depending on how long it lasts. Therefore, foot care gains importance in both winter and summer months. So, what should be done for foot health? Podologist Didem Akçam talked about the curiosities about foot care.

If our eyes are windows that open to our souls, our feet are also the most important part of our overall health. According to many experts, feet tend to reflect the body as they age. Since all the burden of our body is on our feet, we can face many problems. If you have persistent foot pain or a problem that interferes with your daily activities, a podiatrist should be consulted without waiting for pain and discomfort in the feet. Podologist Didem Akçam, who recommends that foot care should not be neglected both in winter and summer, explained what is curious about foot care.

Podologist Didem Akçam stated that the health and care of our feet, which are deprived of air in the winter months, gains more importance as the summer approaches, “Podology, which is a term derived from the combination of Podos- (foot) and -logy (science) suffixes from Latin to Turkish; Centers operating in the field of “podology”, a branch of science on the treatment and care of foot health problems, create habits that will increase the quality of life while serving with modern technological equipment and experienced staff. ” says.


Stating that they provide services for foot health and treatment with experienced specialist podologists, Didem Akçam said, “It is necessary not to neglect the care of feet that bear all the burden of our body weight and are under great pressure. We provide services to explain the importance of foot health, to raise awareness about the problems that its deficiency may cause, and to create habits that will increase the quality of life with different therapies. In our clinic, depending on the physiology of the foot, we perform foot and nail applications such as nail and foot deformation applications, nail fungus, calluses, ingrown nails, cracked heel, diabetes, pregnant and sports foot care. ” said.


Mentioning that podology units are spreading rapidly, Didem Akçam pointed out that even though it is considered a new field in medicine, podology departments in hospitals are increasing rapidly, “With the treatment initiatives specific to each patient’s feet, the treatment options in this field are also increasing rapidly.” said.


Mentioning that foot health is very important especially for pregnant women and athletes, Akçam suggested that expectant mothers receive medical foot care services in foot health centers from the first three months of pregnancy and said;

“As the pregnancy progresses, expectant mothers may experience ingrown toenails, fungal infections, warts or calluses due to swollen, growing and sweaty feet. In addition, the load on the feet as a result of the weight gained during pregnancy causes pain in the feet, knees and waist. There are insoles for the solution of all these and applications aimed at helping the treatment in many lower extremity injuries. These situations are the problems experienced by almost all pregnant women and it can be prevented by giving importance to foot health and care. We recommend that women seek professional help, especially as they cannot bend over and care for their feet later in pregnancy.

Stating that a similar situation is also valid for athletes, Didem Akçam said, “Athletes use their feet more than many people. Long-lasting airlessness with increased foot movement in line with the intense tempo and sports activities experienced in training as well as sports competitions; It offers a suitable environment for skin and nail diseases. For this reason, it is important for athletes to have their foot cares periodically regardless of their branches. Possible infections in the feet can be prevented by regular foot care practices. ” said.

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