What is Sitting Disease? Inactivity causes death!

Tuesday, February 16, 2021 – 16:07 | Last Updated: 16 02 2021 – 16:11

While the fight against the New Type Coronavirus (Kovid -19), which threatens public health, continues at full speed, the increasing sedentary lifestyle invites other problems. This condition, which is more dangerous than infectious diseases, is also described as ‘Sitting Disease’. Although people see sitting as harmless, the numbers clearly reveal the danger. While 3.2 million people die every year in the world due to physical inactivity, it is observed that a person spends an average of 12 hours sitting every day with the effect of the pandemic process.

One of the biggest problems of our age, ‘Inactive Lifestyle’ is at the heart of many physical and psychological problems, especially high blood pressure. During the epidemic, our life style changed this situation to more dangerous dimensions. As a matter of fact, while we spent more time at homes due to the virus, our sitting times increased. This has led to the spread of sitting disease, which is actually used to describe those who have such problems.


In the medical language, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr. Emphasizing that ‘there is no sitting disease, this is a term used to describe people who stay inactive for more than 8 hours a day. Nurten Küçükçakır said, “Research on sitting time shows that staying inactive for a long time during the day can increase your risk of illness, even if you exercise the necessary amount during the day. We can say that this situation, which affects everyone from 7 to 70, has increased more during the pandemic process. This lifestyle, which is more dangerous than infectious diseases, is among the preventable causes of death and significantly affects the quality of life of the person. Because many problems such as heart, cancer and diabetes come with it, especially high blood pressure. That is why it is necessary to act even if we are at home as much as possible ”.


Indicating that this situation triggers many health problems such as obesity, Dietician Gülşah Bozkurt said, “When immobile for a long time, the immune system also decreases. As general nutritional habits in order to prevent these diseases and strengthen our immunity; It is necessary to stay away from packaged foods, to increase the consumption of vegetables and fruits, to eat fish once or twice a week, to take care of at least 2 liters of water a day, and to minimize the consumption of sugar and salt. With a healthy diet, chronic diseases that develop with overweight and obesity can be prevented to a great extent. At this point, it is of great importance for individuals to reach the right information ”.


Emphasizing that the sedentary lifestyle brings not only physical ailments, but also depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia and cognitive problems, Psychologist Merve Güleç said:

“It is remarkable that physical and psychological diseases are interconnected. While the possibility of triggering a physical illness is very high in a person with psychological illness, it is very possible to encounter psychological problems in individuals with physical illnesses. Depression is the most common mental disorder with chronic physical illnesses. Lifetime prevalence has been found to be 5-12 percent in men and 10-25 percent in women. One of the main symptoms of depression is loss of energy. People generally complain of weakness, lack of energy and fatigue. Depression affects people’s fitness, as well as disrupting people’s functionality and preventing them from fulfilling their responsibilities. If people experience this process for a long time, they should definitely get support from an expert. At the same time, physical activity is an effective alternative to psychotherapy in the treatment of depression. Physical activity can be preferred to prevent the development of depression and reduce depressive symptoms. The healing effect of physical activity on reducing stress, increasing attention and cognitive problems should not be ignored. It should not be forgotten that; As we push our bodies, we develop our minds. To change and develop our consciousness, emotions, thoughts; We must act to determine our will and our own destiny. “

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