What is the aesthetic age limit? From what age should aesthetic operations be done?

It has been stated that while the use of social media and selfies have increased in recent years, especially among adolescents and young people, the age of those who want to have aesthetics has dropped from 25 to 15.

Experts warned that it is not appropriate to perform aesthetic applications before the age of 18 unless there is a necessity for health, as development is not complete.

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Murat Emiroğlu made evaluations to the AA reporter on the aesthetic concern of active use of social media, especially in adolescents and young people.

Emiroğlu stated that health is defined as a state of complete well-being in terms of spiritual and social aspects and emphasized that the priority in surgical applications is always the protection of health.

Prof. Dr. Emiroğlu pointed out that in recent years, the use of social media and the rate of sharing these photos in various media by taking selfies has increased day by day, and stated that this has become widespread especially in adolescents and young age groups.

Emiroğlu stated that playing with the perception of beauty actually predates the use of social media, “Barbie dolls, which are among the favorite toys of children, and those imposed on magazine programs and magazines have changed the perception of beauty a lot, and even uniformized it. Now, social media has taken the perception of beauty out of hand. and the filters used here are very effective in changing perception. ” he spoke.

Emiroğlu stated that with the filters used in photographs, people can change themselves in the way they idealize, and pointed out that the number of those who apply to the physician to look like the person they want to be is increasing day by day.

Emiroğlu emphasized that operations should be performed according to the age and structure of the person rather than what is requested, “It is seen that social media has lowered the age of asking for aesthetics, especially in adolescents and young people. In the past, we did not have many patients under the age of 25, now there are patients who apply at the age of 15. he spoke.


Pointing out that scientific limits are essential in aesthetic operations, Emiroğlu said that rhinoplasty is among the most common surgeries.

Emiroğlu noted the following:

“The development of the nose is at the age of 18-20. If nasal surgery is performed before these ages, problems may arise in the nose. For example, the growth of the nose may stop and when its development is completed, it may have a small nose according to the face. Breast reduction at the age of 16 because it disrupts the spine health and can lead to lumbar hernia. It should not be forgotten that it is done for health purposes, but not for aesthetic concerns. Any surgery that does not impose an obligation should not be performed before the age of 18. In case of accident, trauma or medical necessity, it is applied without considering age. “


Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Akın Yücel stated that “before and after” photos in social media may not reflect the reality. “Because young people have a high desire to be visible and to be liked, they are easily manipulated.” said.

Underlining that every person has a unique genetic equipment, Yücel said that the same procedure may not give the same result in people of similar sizes, body shapes, and similar ages. Yücel said, “Facial features that are easily changed with filters, thinned bodies created a perception as if aesthetic procedures were simple, ordinary operations. With the increasing competition during the pandemic process, misleading advertisements increased to turn this perception into gain. he spoke.

Yücel stated that the filters used in the photographs create the perception that the body can be changed as desired and said, “Filters both create the impression that these procedures are easy and people who see the filtered beauty of others do not like themselves, their eyes are small, their cheeks are too plump, their lips are thin, their skin color is pale. It becomes difficult to break this perception as it does not meet face to face in the process as before. ” found the assessment.

Pointing out that young people apply by taking social media phenomena as an example and symmetry is perceived as beauty, Yücel said, “Actually, none of us has symmetry in face, there is asymmetry, and it is the small asymmetries that make a person himself or attractive. The younger age group that comes with such requests should be told that this is natural and acceptable. ” said.


Yücel, who warned about the applications demanded in adolescents and young people, emphasized that the procedures such as chin, cheek aesthetics, almond eye surgery, which have been frequently on social media in recent years, are absolutely not suitable for under 18 years of age. Yücel, “Very popular bichectomy (cheek thinning) face-lip fat fillings, such as almond eye surgery should not be done at an early age, the face should be expected to sit.” said.

Yücel noted the following:

“This age group is perhaps attracted by the photoshop images they see on social media. They do not want to wait for the completion of bone development in order to correct the curved appearance in the nose, now they do not know that the fatty tissue will begin to decrease from the 25s on their plump face and wants to thin their cheeks and sharpen the jaw line.

When a responsible specialist physician does not want to implement these procedures, they turn to someone else who does not worry about this, even under the stairs. The negative consequences of these processes are sometimes reflected in the media, as can be seen immediately, and sometimes appear in later ages. The easy application of some aesthetic procedures and the short recovery period do not mean that these procedures can be performed easily and are simple procedures. Every transaction carries a risk, albeit a small one, and in places without a license, this risk becomes exponential.

Prof. Dr. Yücel also noted the following about the applications that can be done in young people:

“From the age of 18, nose or breast aesthetics can be done, from the age of 25, botox can be applied. Because it has no harm, it has a protective feature. Again, with hyaluronic acid fillers, the vitality of the face can be supported, the skin with spots and scars can be applied with various mesotherapy applications, energy-based like laser. In the presence of conditions such as small chin, asymmetry, and flattened mid-face that cause significant disproportion in the face, corrections can be made with fillers or surgical procedures after the age of 18. “

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