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Covid-19 With each passing day, a new finding emerges. The corona virus, which affects almost every part of the body, gives one of the biggest damage to the nose.

During the illness, there may be a loss of smell, and sometimes interesting problems may arise afterwards. Just like the existing smells that cause to perceive as bad ‘parosmi’ as.

A woman suffering from these symptoms of the corona virus described how her senses are confused, as well as loss of taste and smell.

Samantha LaLiberte, a social worker in the USA, thought she had overcome Covid-19 completely. Seven months after recovering from the disease, he began to have an interesting odor problem. One day he ordered a meal home and the package smelled so bad that he had to throw it away. Another day, when he was at a cooking friend’s house, the smell made him nauseous and he ran out and vomited.

“I stopped going to my mother’s house or to dinner with my friends,” says LaLiberte, 35. Because everything from the food to the candles smelled awful, ”he explains.

At the time, Samantha was struggling with parosmia, an odor degradation that caused the tasteful aromas to become horrible, from the scent of fresh coffee to the finest perfume scent.

Samantha LaLiberte could not even tolerate her own smell due to this disease, everything including shower gels and shampoos was making her stomach. In fact, this situation caused a disagreement with his wife. Because his wife also started to smell bad for Samantha.

A recent study concluded that 47 percent of people with Covid-19 have changes in smell and taste. According to the research, parosmia also occupies an important place in these cases. Dr. “This means a rose can smell like excrement,” says Richard Doty.


Parosmia is a disturbance of perception of odors differently. An existing fragrance mixes with different scents. This condition is called parosmia. Odor disorders are generally caused by the inability of the air to reach the odor area, the disease of the odor cells or the disturbances in the odor center.

Testing is done beforehand for the diagnosis of parosmia. A number of descriptive and distinctive tests are performed. Parosmia is not a smell. The person smells, but it is not the real smell. For example, a frying fragrance can be perceived as a different fragrance.


Odor ailments are important and not negligible issues. Because this discomfort can be a symptom of different situations. In this case, early diagnosis is important. With careful attention, the sense of smell can be restored. If the patient has physical conditions such as nasal growth, bone curvature, surgical procedures are also performed. Brain MRI is requested when there is no physical problem. In this way, it is checked whether there is a brain disorder or not. During these stages, scent exercises are performed to the person. In these exercises, different scents are sniffed to the patient for 30 seconds every day and smell training is given.

Early diagnosis is important in odor problems. Because with diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, the sense of smell is one of the first senses to suffer. For this reason, early detection of the cause of the odor problem can be used to detect some diseases early.


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