What is the SABİM 184 line? (Health Minister warned Koca: Beware of vaccine fraud) – Health News

SABİM 184 Whatsapp Hotline“new type corona virusthe (Covid-19) was established by the Ministry of Health Communication Center in order to provide consultancy services to citizens via written messages.

The hotline, which is put into service within the framework of the algorithm prepared by the Science Board of the Ministry of Health, aims to provide citizens with reliable and up-to-date information 24/7.

Citizens can find answers to questions about many issues, such as general information about Covid-19, ways of protection, use of medical masks, through SABİM 184 Whatsapp Hotline.

Citizens allocated for this service “0541 888 0184” A detailed guidance service on what risky citizens should do is also provided within the scope of the consultancy service provided on the Whatsapp line.


When the contact number allocated for this service is added to the phone book and entered on the SABİM 184 Whatsapp Hotline, “This line was created by the Turkish Ministry of Health to provide information about the new type of coronavirus disease (Covid-19). Answer by typing the number. ” option appears on the screen.

After the keying process, the disease suspicion is evaluated according to the algorithm questions and the answers given.

People at risk are directed to the health personnel within SABİM, to the Central Physician Appointment System (MHRS) and family physicians to make an appointment from health institutions, and are followed up by SABİM.


In his post on his Twitter account, Koca stated that the Covid-19 vaccine was made free of charge for everyone and only in the order of priority determined by the Scientific Committee.

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Minister Koca said, “Judicial action will be initiated against fraudsters who demand money by reaching our citizens and claiming that they will prioritize vaccination. Notify SABİM 184”.

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