What orthopedic problems did working from home raise?

Wednesday, April 14, 2021 – 16:34 | Last Updated: 14 04 2021 – 16:44

Working from home, which entered our lives with the pandemic, caused orthopedic health problems. Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Prof. Dr. Ufuk Özkaya compiled his suggestions for you.

Complaints of neck and back pain started to increase with the transition to working from home model. Prolonged working hours and unsuitable working conditions lay the groundwork for these problems.

Working from home has increased with working hours. The prolonged working hours keep people immobile. Apart from this, the use of chairs that are not orthopedically comfortable triggers pain.

When using a laptop computer, the head is tilted forward involuntarily and this bend puts more pressure on the neck muscles than it should be. What needs to be done is to bring the computer screen used to eye level. The waist gap should be filled by taking care to sit upright. The ergonomic chair to be used will further reduce the pain.

It should also be avoided to stay still for a long time, the person can create small reminders for this. Getting up and moving to go to the toilet or drinking water, blood flow should be ensured. In the meantime, doing simple stretching movements will relax the person. The way of sitting while working should be at right angles to the hip joint of the knees and the legs should be parallel to the floor.

When the use of a mouse is prolonged, it increases the pressure on the wrist nerves. When the necessary precautions are not taken, it can prepare the ground for the problem of nerve compression. What should be done is the use of mouesepads with wrist protectors and stretching exercises should be done to stretch the wrists by taking a break. If numbness and pain increase rather than decrease, a specialist physician should be consulted.

Inactivity can be the cause of your pain

Staying motionless at the computer for a long time is the cause of joint and back pain. Outdoor walks in the days created during the day or yoga and pilates exercises that can be applied at home will relax people. Considering the period of not exercising, heavy programs should not be applied suddenly, the tempo can be increased gradually.

In order to prevent injuries during exercise, stretching movements should be done before and after the program to be applied. People who have sensitivity in their knees and have health problems should stay away from squats, lounges and similar squatting movements. In case of any problem, the nearest health institution should be consulted without waiting.

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