What should MS patients pay attention to?

Tuesday, May 25, 2021 – 17:34 | Last Updated: 25 05 2021 – 17:34

Multiple Sclerosis, or MS disease, with its short name, occurs with the damage of nerve cells in the brain or spinal cord or, rarely, nerve cells in the brain. Experts state that MS disease often starts as sudden attacks called acute attacks; He points out that very hot weather, environments and extreme exercises should be avoided during the treatment of the disease. Experts state that MS disease is more common in young people and women, and that it is more severe in men than women.

The last Wednesday in May of the year is called World MS Day by the International Federation of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and the World Health Organization. On this special day, which will be commemorated on May 26 this year, it is aimed to draw attention to MS disease and raise awareness.

Brain Hospital Neurology Specialist Dr. Celal Şalçini shared important information about the symptoms and treatment methods of MS disease.

MS starts in sudden attacks

Stating that Multiple Sclerosis disease is a disorder caused by damage to nerve cells in the brain or spinal cord, or rarely nerve cells in the brain, Neurology Specialist Dr. Celal Şalçini said, “In the brain, there is a layer called myelin that forms around each nerve layer and acts as an insulation. Myelin is a layer that makes some regulation and controls the speed of the nerve. MS is actually caused by damage to the myelin layer. Most of the time, it starts as sudden attacks, which we call acute attacks, and can improve spontaneously or with treatment. While some patients have a single attack and are not seen again, another group can have intermittent attacks and improve. Rarely, in some forms, attacks may not improve and they can become progressive. ” said.

Watch out for these symptoms!

Pointing out that MS disease can show many different symptoms, Dr. Celal Şalçini said, “MS disease can cause all kinds of neurological disorders that can affect the eye nerve, facial nerve, nerves to the feet and arms, or any area in the brain. It often starts with eye nerve involvement and consequently causes blurred vision in the patient. Later, the disease progresses and involves any area in the spinal cord or brain, causing the function in that area to deteriorate. It can cause symptoms such as numbness, weakness, ringing in the ears and facial paralysis. ” he spoke.

MS is more common in young people and women

Neurology Specialist Dr. Celal Şalçini underlined that MS disease is more common in young people and continued his words as follows:

“It is more common in women than in men, but the disease is more severe in men. We can say that genetic predisposition and environmental factors are important. It can rarely accompany other rheumatological diseases. For the diagnosis of the disease, a detailed examination is required first, and then an MRI is performed to see the condition of the brain and generally the spinal cord in the neck. In the diagnostic process, the plaques formed during MS are actually tried to be detected. The active plates, the number and location of the plates are checked. Generally, medicated MRI is performed in MS patients. Sometimes it may be necessary to measure the optic nerve, or to examine the spinal fluid by taking fluid from the waist. “

Two types of treatment are possible for the disease

Stating that MS disease treatment can be in two ways, Dr. Celal Şalçini said, “The first takes place as we call acute attack treatment. In the first complaint of the patient, intravenous cortisone is usually administered to cure the attack faster and with less damage. If the diagnosis of MS is clear, after a while, first-line and second-line treatments are started in the patient. Previously, there was a needle application into the muscle or the skin on a weekly basis depending on the drug. Recently, drug therapy that can be applied intravenously or even used as a pill can be performed. ” said.

MS patients should watch out for extreme temperatures

Neurology Specialist Dr. Celal Şalçini stated that during the treatment, MS patients prevented them from going outside in very hot weather, staying under the sun for too long, exercising excessively, and staying in places such as baths and saunas that would increase their body temperature too much.

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