‘Women take coronavirus more seriously’

gave | 09 March 2021 Tuesday – 14:26 | Last Updated: 09 03 2021 – 14:26

Assoc. Dr. Julide Ergil said that, according to the statement of the World Health Organization (WHO), 63 percent of men were exposed to intensive care due to coronavirus and related complications. Ergil said, “In our own experiences, we have seen that men need more intensive care. Men have a strong image. And they treat diseases and such scary situations more carelessly. Women take this job more seriously,” he said.

Assoc. Dr. In her assessment, Julide Ergil recalled the WHO’s statement and stated that 63 percent of men compared to men and women were more likely to be hospitalized in intensive care due to coronavirus and related complications. Ergil stated in their own experiences that they saw that men need more intensive care and said, “There may be many reasons for this. It is argued that protection methods may be different according to the sexes all over the world. In fact, the immune system of women is a little more active than men. It is said that this may also have played a role in the coronavirus epidemic. In addition, coronavirus is a disease that involves the vascular access, which we call ‘vascular’ bed. Male cardiovascular diseases are also more common. There are genetic factors. A number of substances such as cigarettes or alcohol used may also be factors. When we bring all these together, men have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. The coronavirus also affects these areas more, “he said.


Stating that there may be some sociocultural differences in protection from the coronavirus epidemic, Ergil said, “For example, when we consider it as a sociocultural difference, men actually have a different approach to disease. Men have a strong image. Based on the researches and our experiences, I say that when women are told something, when our female patients are warned about a disease such as ‘use medicine’, ‘use a mask’, ‘pay attention to distance’ or any other issue, women actually take this job more seriously. But sociocultural differences are mentioned that men take these issues less seriously, “he said in studies conducted around the world.


Ergil, stating that women go to the doctor more than men in case of illness, “It is stated that women consult a doctor more frequently since the symptoms of the disease appear, while men consult a doctor a little later. When you tell your female patient about any disease, the process of accepting the disease is actually easier for women. They accept the disease. They try to follow the instructions. Men are approaching a little more in terms of overcoming the disease, they think it can be overcome. “He can perceive this as a kind of weakness. Of course, the basis of this may also be due to sociocultural differences.”

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