‘You have a serious fear of death at the moment of breathlessness’

Fatsa State Hospital Home Health Services Officer Başdoğan told Anadolu Agency (AA) that after the test of a patient and his relatives was positive, he and 5 healthcare workers were included in the contact list.

Stating that he started to experience cough, high fever and joint pain on the fifth day of the contact, Başdoğan stated that the test performed on June 22 was positive and then the hospital process started.

Başdoğan stated that he was being treated in the service he worked and said, “I slept as a patient in the service where I worked as a doctor. At first, I thought ‘This will pass immediately, I will get over it in 5-10 days’, but gradually my symptoms increased. became.” said.

Stating that his colleagues are almost like a family for him because his family is away, Başdoğan said that his colleagues brought food and they never left him alone by making entertaining videos.

Başdoğan explained the last two days of the hospital process in Fatsa with the following words:

“I had shortness of breath on the last day, it never opened. It was constantly getting worse. You want to inhale the world in order to be able to breathe, to get enough oxygen. It’s such a hunger of breath. This time it did not pass with interventions.”

Pointing out that he took on a different psychology during his intensive care treatment in Samsun, Başdoğan continued as follows:

“I spent the whole article in a very obsessive way. Watching people who intervened and lost their lives from your bed there is a very different psychology. With the help of your nurse friend, I made small little videos to my family and loved ones. things will be better, I will go home in 5 days, I will stay for 10 days, then I will continue my seizures in the emergency ‘but none of them progressed as I planned. “

Başdoğan stated that the first time he had difficulty in breathing, his breathing could be opened with light oxygen, but he experienced greater difficulties in the subsequent blockages.

“You are experiencing a serious fear of death at the moment of inability to open up, breathing hunger. Especially when you see that other patients are being intervened in the intensive care unit you are in, you feel as if you are in a queue and it is your turn. I said.”

Gizem Başdoğan said that she was also upset about the health of her friends with whom she got sick, and in this process, especially, “Did I hurt someone?” He expressed that his thoughts affect people negatively.

Stating that his test turned negative on the 16th day of his illness, but his complaints continued, Başdoğan stated that the shortness of breath and muscle pain he suffered due to the damage caused by the virus to the lungs did not go away.

“I was able to return to business life after about 6 months”

Underlining that the recovery process takes a very long time, Başdoğan said:

“After about 6 months, I was able to return to my favorite business life. Since Kovid-19 is something that lowers immunity, I had various infections afterwards. So it took me a long time to get involved in life again. I still could not fully recover in my lungs. I am doing exercises for my lungs, I use drugs. . I have had various knee and muscle pains. I continue my treatments for them as well.

Başdoğan called on everyone to use masks, pay attention to distance and cleanliness issues, and said, “While we are working in the hospital, they should pay attention to these, first for themselves and then for their loved ones. Deaths are now at a younger age.” he spoke.

Stating that he was very sorry for the situation of the families of those who were treated in the hospital, Başdoğan said, “If they do not want to be expected or expected in front of that door, which is very bad, they should do something for themselves, they should pay attention to the precautions, not for others.” said.

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